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Get every inch of your home into the holiday spirit with these creative Christmas decorating ideas.

Greet with a Garden Theme Convey a cozy, cottage welcome with a garden-inspired holiday decorating theme.

Beautiful xmas pictures help you discover the endless options for decorating the home, whether you lean towards a traditional old fashioned Christmas or are willing to experiment with unconventional themes and color palettes.
Get every inch of your home into the holiday spirit with these creative Christmas decorating ideas.
Get every inch of your home into the holiday spirit with these creative Christmas decorating ideas.
Christmas vintage background with sweets and red holiday decorations: Santa hat, tree, star, balls, top view. Banner Christmas decorations and holidays sweet on white background. Art Christmas decorations and holidays sweet on white background Christmas Fireplace and Xmas Tree, Presents Gifts Decorations. New Year Home Interior Background Merry Christmas card with lettering, tree .
Get every inch of your home into the holiday spirit with these creative Christmas decorating ideas.

Diy Christmas decoration HO HO HO Christmas decor Dollar Store Christmas decoration Scrap wood home decor Upcycled Christmas decoration Cheap Find this Pin and more on Christmas Decorating Ideas by Denise Morrison.

Whether you're in need of Christmas decor or looking for a little inspiration, Kirkland's has all of the Christmas home decor you need to make your holiday merry and bright. Find your next Christmas decorating favorites right here at Kirkland's!

Viewing 1 - of Deer Block Mantel Stocking Holder. Mistletoe Block Mantel Stocking Holder. Truck Block Mantel Stocking Holder. Standing Merry Christmas Stocking Holder.

Meowy Christmas Cat Mug. Happy Pawlidays Beagle Mug. Multicolor Christmas Trees Rubber Mat. Mom's Jingle Juice Christmas Mug. Pre-Lit Pine Cone Vase. Frosted Green Pine Spray. Green Merry Grinchmas Mug. Mitten Block Mantel Stocking Holder. Blush Bottlebrush Christmas Tree, 13 in.

Green Bottlebrush Christmas Tree, 13 in. Plaid Coat and Hat Santa Statue. Burlap and Plaid Deer Christmas Pillow. Christmas landscape with gifts and snow. Merry christmas and happy new ye.

Ar greeting card with copy Christmas gift boxes and decorations on dark table. Xmas background, top view with copy space. Christmas gift boxes and decorations on dark table. Christmas and New Year Decorations Christmas ham served with roasted vegetables and festive decorations on vintage background in retro color, top view, place for tex. Place setting for Christmas Dinner. Purple and silver Christmas balls over fir tree branches in the snow.

Candle and Christmas decorations with Christmas decorations. On the wooden background Christmas decorations. With wooden hobby-horse Abstract blurred of red glittering shine bulbs lights background.

Blur of Christmas wallpaper decorations concept. Abstract blurred of red glittering shine bulbs lights background. Fireplace mantle is decorated for Christmas with garland, lights, a bow and other decorations. Row of gold christmas decorations Christmas background with rustic Christmas decorations on wooden table. Christmas background with rustic Christmas decorations on wooden table Christmas decorations.

Gingerbread man and X-mas tree. Closeup of handmade Christmas decorations Christmas tree background and Christmas decorations with blurred, sparking, glowing. Happy New Year and Xmas.

Theme Christmas tree background and Christmas decorations with snow, blurred, sparking, glowing. Theme Festive Christmas background with glittering decorations and lam. Festive Christmas holiday background with glittering decorations, Christmas balls and lamps Mother and daughter making Christmas decorations.

Family scene of a mother and young daughter making christmas decorations together Portrait of happy children with Christmas decorations. Portrait of happy children with Christmas gift boxes and decorations. Two kids having fun at home Christmas holiday background with decorations and hand drawings on chalkboard.

Christmas holiday background with decorations and hand drawings Christmas tree background and Christmas decorations with snow, blurred, sparking, glowing. Christmas tree and decorations in Cathedral Square. Aerial top view Santa with mobile phone on work desk. Christmas tree with decorations, gifts and lantern on white wooden desk. Top view Blackboard with text space and Christmas decorations on black ba.

Blackboard with text space surrounded by Christmas decorations on black background. Panoramic Christmas website banner background with decorations on wooden table. Christmas website banner dreamy background with decorations on wooden table Christmas decorations. Tulips are available year-round from your local florist or grocery store, and they are a fresh alternative to other holiday flowers.

Group them in thick clusters for maximum impact. Before you arranging the tulips in your vase, cut the tips and add a scoop of sugar for longevity. This decoration tip works with both casual and elegant décor themes.

When hosting a holiday party, let your festive decorations double as fun goodie bags. Pictured above, the holiday hostess displays faux cardinal ornaments on top of a rustic holiday basket of treats. The baskets will then be given as parting gifts to departing guests. You can customize your own goodie bags with containers and treats that compliment your holiday décor. Outfit your everyday dining room chairs in their Christmas best.

Wrap your chairs in a merry cummerbund fashion, using a band of burlap as the base, and tartan on top. Tie with wide red grosgrain ribbon, and secure all cloth with an oversize laundry pin. Add a few jaunty pheasant feathers, and use scissors to make inch-wide cuts along the bottom of the burlap for a frilled, fringe look. We suggest staying away from fabric with glitter — when guests lean back on their chairs, the glitter tends to rub off.

Instead of a traditional table runner, try this Christmas table decoration as an alternative. Place boot trays, or shallow trays, end to end down the full lengthwise center of your dining room table.

To prevent accidental leakage, seal the trays with silicon caulk before filling them with water. Buy festive float candles, like the snow-flake shapes we have pictured above, to illuminate your dining room in holiday cheer. We love this unique Christmas decoration idea so much that we want to put a float candle tray in every room.

Your house will turn heads with this creative Christmas decoration idea. Adorn bare windows with a quaint winter scene. Surround the scene with fresh evergreen branches and printed patterned ribbon to add Christmas color to a plain window. Personalize the scene you choose to display — for an elegant, modern arrangement, hang glittery ornaments from the ceiling. Decorated with jingle bells and studded with plaid buttons, it provides the perfect topping for a plaid-loving family.

Create a memorable Christmas tree that coordinates with your decorating theme by using only a few types of ornaments. This tree has plaid everywhere — can you guess the décor theme of the rest of the house?

Silver tassels are finished with double knots of plaid ribbon. Red birds hunker down in cozy nests, and shiny bells lure kids of all ages to give a little jingle. Wooden craft-store disks, covered with plaid paper, take the place of traditional glass balls. This tree is a true DIY masterpiece. Save money and add a personal touch by making your own Christmas gift tags.

Kids love getting to craft their own unique tags. Pictured above, the crafty holiday homemaker used a color copier to make copies of tartan fabric, and then cut the copies it into rectangles to create each patterned gift tags.

You can also print background patterns from the Internet and make simple designs using your computer. Type or handwrite names in the center.

Add ribbons and bells to dress up each gift. But throughout the remainder of the year, the room likely goes unused. This easy room revamp will give your dining room an additional function that is useful all year. The shelves were added without any deconstruction — they were made from gypsum drywall, instead of wood, for a modern profile that protrudes from the original wall.

Use the hallow space to store a bar cart for a very merry Christmas. This year, forgo formality. Why designate a guest of honor to sit at the head of the table when you love all of your guests equally? Place a round table in a square-shaped room for more natural, relaxed Christmas entertaining. With this arrangement, when Pawpaw makes a joke, everyone gets to laugh along with him.

An oversized lantern hanging above the table casts a romantic glow, and is a fresh alternative to a traditional chandelier. Mismatched chairs add to the casual, relaxed atmosphere in this comfortable Christmas dining room. Save these heirlooms for seasonal occasions, and use them in your Christmas decorating. Showcase them during the most wonderful time of the year by putting them on display.

This mahogany buffet may not be useful all year round, but during the holiday season, it is a perfect place to serve Christmas brunch. It fits perfectly into a niche built just for it. Update the pieces with modern accessories, such as a pair of mod white lamps, which help a traditional piece of furniture blend seamlessly with more modern tastes. This photo only shows the half of it — literally. The matching pairs of items add symmetry to a room, and help expand a smaller space.

A set of old stools, re-covered in lush brown mohair, flank the arched entry between the living space and the dining room, along with two identical framed mirrors and Christmas wreaths.

These stools are functional, as they can also act as extra seating for Christmas entertaining. The mirrors help visually enlarge the small space to open it for plenty of holiday entertaining. Surprise your Christmas party guests with a thoughtful take-home gift that they can keep with them for years to come. The trees are packaged in natural jute, and come with care instructions so that your gift will last way past the holiday season.

Magnolia trees are a year-round Southern symbol that become even more treasured during the holiday season. Tie on personalized gift tags to each tree for a handmade finishing touch. Planning to entertain guests outdoors during this holiday season? For those deep-south citizens whose weather allows for outdoor entertaining, make sure that you take advantage of your patio space. Wrap greenery around the backs of patio chairs, and secure the garland with large red ribbon.

You can even attach red ribbon to your light fixtures to brighten up the festive décor. Replace your year-round cushions with bright red, weatherproof pillows. Toss a few throws across your furniture in case the weather gets too cold, light a fire, and enjoy your outdoor winter wonderland.

Send your holiday guests away with a creatively packaged gift to mark the festive occasion. Tuck in some holly and a Star of Bethlehem for added Christmas embellishment, and display them by the door or gate so that friends can pick them up as they depart.

Some great holiday gift ideas include simple vases pictured , ornaments, potpourri, or nativity figurines. This budget-friendly gift idea is an easy way to let guests know that you are thinking of them even after they leave your house. This Christmas, remember that even your outdoor furniture deserves a few festive decorations. Celebrate Christmas on your patio, too. Dress up the backs of your outdoor chairs by tying graceful swags of magnolia leaves and aromatic eucalyptus sprigs to each chair arm with a red, festive Christmas ribbon.

While magnolia is a plant often used in Southern Christmas decorating, the eucalyptus sprigs are a less common — and a more creative — way to incorporate unique elements into your traditional holiday décor. Eucalyptus leaves are fragrant, calming, and long lasting. Create your own festive Christmas snow globes using elements of nature. Suspend lanterns from the underside of a patio covering or umbrella with red ribbon or fishing wire. We chose a glass lantern with a brass finish; but any lanterns will do.

Choose natural elements such as holly berries and eucalyptus sprigs, instead of candles, to fill the lanterns with scenes of a Christmas forest. This special, creative outdoor Christmas decorating idea is a great way to tie your entire Christmas decorating theme together. Not all napkin rings are created the same, and traditional table settings may not suit your natural holiday decor. For more casual holiday gatherings, forgo the stuffy, silver napkin rings.

Instead, create your own holiday napkin rings using natural materials. Small grapevine napkin rings, available at craft stores and florists, are perfect substitutes. Tie each napkin ring onto a cloth napkin using a soft, satin ribbon in a color that matches your napkins. These vine-like wreaths are a subtle nod to both traditional table settings, and traditional Christmas wreaths.

Little touches like this will help you complete your natural Christmas decorating theme without going over the top. Spread Christmas cheer throughout your entire house by incorporating Christmas flowers and centerpieces in multiple rooms. Set up a casual Christmas breakfast buffet on a kitchen island. Accent your Christmas displays with fresh greenery and bright blooms. Draw attention to a hanging light fixture by attaching a standard wreath to the bottom of it, and embellishing it with themed greenery.

Arrange a Christmas breakfast buffet around the centerpieces, and your kitchen will become a center for holiday activity. When planning a holiday gathering, its important to remember that every Christmas gathering needs a hands-on activity for the kids. A cupcake decorating station is the perfect way to keep kids occupied, entertained, and excited — and it does the same for adults! Bring out the kid in everyone with a decorate-your-own cupcake station. Serve vanilla and chocolate cupcakes on the table, with an assortment of buttercream icings and Christmas toppings.

And most importantly, put out plenty of napkins — things tend to get a little messy when you mix kids and cupcakes. Fast can be fabulous. If you can hold a bunch of lilies in your hand and wrap the stems with rubber bands, you can whip up a knockout arrangement that's ideal for your buffet. Start with a silver casserole dish. Gather 8 to 12 stems of 'Casablanca' lilies in one hand, and cut stems so they're about 15 inches long. Wrap a rubber band around the stems at the top and another about 5 inches from the bottom.

Insert the bundle into the center of a piece of water-soaked florist foam fitted into a casserole dish. Wrap stems with crisscrossed ribbon to hide the rubber bands. Add evergreens to the florist foam, and tie on ornaments with wire. We layered two kinds of gold ribbon and then added large and small shiny and matte silver balls. From cutting down our own evergreen Christmas trees to leaving homemade cookies out for Santa Clause, there are some things that our families do every year that signify Christmas is coming.

Instead of traditional evergreen wreaths, try this sophisticated, minimalist twist. Switch out evergreen wreaths for ones made of branches, like these willow versions lightly sprayed with flat white paint. Arrange these wreaths in groups of two or more for a modern take on a classic Christmas wreath. Canners and crafters rejoice! We have found the craft of the season that both kids and adults will love. These rustic snow globes are the perfect way to incorporate some handmade holiday décor without downgrading an elegant room.

All you need to create your own are jars in assorted sizes here, 8, 16, and 32 ounces , waterproof superglue, trinkets we used mini Christmas trees, but anything from ornaments to small toys will work , glycerin available at crafts stores , and glitter. Simply glue your trinkets to the mason jar lid, let dry, and fill with water, glitter, and a few drops of glycerin. See the step-by-step instructions.

Pair velvety red with chartreuse green to give the classic Christmas colors a fresh update. Start with a silver punch bowl. Round shapes work best here. To make arranging easier in a wide container, use tape to make a grid across the top of the punch bowl. Add chartreuse-colored hydrangeas at each corner. Then add flowering cabbage toward the center and sides of the bowl, and pack in roses between the hydrangeas. Fill in with sprigs of red hypericum berries and white pine.

Florist Tip Rotate the centerpiece to make sure it looks full from every angle. Add more hydrangeas, if needed. This versatile, handcrafted holiday décor idea will add the perfect personal touch to your Christmas entertainment. Coasters are an absolute must for any Southern gathering, where drinks are flowing in the nearby vicinity of antique wooden tables.

In order to protect your favorite furniture from watermarks, make sure you equip your guests with the proper defense, like these DIY coasters. Choose a pattern of fabric that best fits your theme, such as a festive tartan print. Cut the fabric into small coaster-sized squares using fabric shears, and then slide the squares into photo coasters. These creative coasters will perfectly match your holiday décor, and serve a very important function all season long.

In search of the perfect holiday wreath? Get off Pinterest, and go outside into your own backyard. Search your own property for inspiring supplies to create one of these one-of-a-kind wreaths. Purchase a wreath form, and choose one of the following ideas:. The bigger your Southern family, the harder it is for you to find and purchase personalized gifts for everyone. These creative Christmas wrapping ideas are perfect for any gift.

Purchase small trinkets for decorative touch, like the wooden reindeer, glittery initial, cotton clipping, or bell and ornament pictured above. By layering paper, ribbon, and tags, you can create a picture-perfect package. When it comes to Christmas decoration, a good rule of thumb is that more is better.

While there are obvious limitations to this saying, we firmly believe that when you get the chance to incorporate a unique holiday detail into your Christmas décor, you should. Instead of displaying dining room name cards on simple card holders, make them festive!

Pictured above, the holiday hostess enlisted her childhood collection of Steinbach nutcrackers to hold gold-scripted place cards that match the holiday dinner menu cards. Use a gold paint pen for metallic penmanship, and adorn the top with a gold foil holly sprig. Upgrade your entryway by twirling topiaries with fruit. Start with two bonbon compotes. Hot-glue sheet moss to a plastic-foam cone.

Stick florist clay adhesive joann. Attach a row of green plums or Key limes by skewering with a wooden pick and inserting into cone in an upward swirl. Glue scabiosa pods and dried hydrangea blossoms next. Skewer a pineapple spray-painted gold with a wooden pick, and insert into top of topiary. Red is perfect for the festive season, but poinsettias are not the only red plants you can incorporate into your Christmas floral arrangements.

For fresh and modern holiday decorations, try this creative floral touch. Accessorize your home with fresh holiday blooms that add bold, seasonal style.

Tie the three wreaths together with wire so they appear to be connected. Weave three to four natural or painted pinecones into each evergreen wreath, secure with wire, and tie a matching ornamental bow on the top wreath to make it holiday-worthy. Poinsettias are one of our favorite go-to ways to decorate for the Christmas season. They are the perfect way to add classy, elegant, and traditional color to any Christmas room.

To add a creative touch to your poinsettia display this year, instead of containing your plants inside of standard plastic pots, swap the pots for a basket lined with earthy green moss. You can hang it inside or outside for a unique and colorful Christmas display. We love poinsettias for their range of color and sizes. To create a poinsettia tree, follow these instructions: First, cut the larger blooms, leaving about 6 inches of stem.

Sear them quickly to stop sap from dripping out. Sap should bubble under the candle flame, and the ends of the stems will turn black. You may also need to sear the points where larger leaves were removed along the stems. Insert each seared stem into a water-filled florist tube.

Stems are hollow and will absorb water after being seared. Place the stems into the base of the ivy topiary. Then repeat this process with the medium-size and smaller poinsettia blooms, cutting the stems so they're about 4 inches long. Insert blossoms into the topiary, working your way toward the top. Once it's complete, care is simple—just add water to the tubes every few days, as needed.

There are a lot of ways to make a house exude Christmas vibes without covering every inch of your home in bright red and green plaid. For a fresh take on Christmas décor, choose variations of the color. We love the pastel pinks and light greens used in this modern Christmas giftwrap theme. Patterned paper, wide satin ribbons, and clear tie-ons make this understated color scheme holiday-ready.

Choose patterns of paper with coordinated colors that are not perfect matches for a casual yet crafty and creative giftwrap, and focus more on matching your ribbon shades. These understated gift packages look anything but boring when arranged under your tree.

Simplify over-decorated, outdated, and busy ornaments by going monochromatic. We love how modern a Christmas tree that is decorated in all white ornaments looks, and you can DIY this elegant look on the cheap. Simply choose a shade of spray paint and coat your ornaments and other Christmas fixtures.

Bring a pop of color into the theme with silky ribbons or colorful Christmas lights. You can even add a little festive glitter to create an instant collection that feels familiar, loved, and personalized. For homemakers looking to try something a little more glamorous, this sparkly Christmas decoration is the perfect way to add drama to your treetop. To make your own tree topper, bundle together a group of curly silver sticks from your local craft store, and wire the creation to the top of your tree.

Decorate the rest of your tree with bright, equally glitzy colors like hot pink and gold. This is a perfect Christmas tree for a younger home. The sparkly topper is a great New Years Eve decoration, too! See the rest of this tree. Bring the Christmas forest inside your house with this rustic, homey Christmas arrangement. Use a footed silver serving tray to display a sumptuous centerpiece with vintage ornaments and clippings from the garden.

Start with Southern classics: Next add large ball ornaments, followed by crocosmia pods, pinecones, and abelia whose flowers have dropped, leaving a showy flourish of pink sepals on the tips of branches. Finish with delicate sprigs of evergreens, dried shelf mushrooms attached to florist picks. Wire a few small, round ornaments of natural colors with in metallic and glossy finishes for a subtle touch of glamour. Honestly, we cannot emphasize enough how important Christmas wrapping is.

Pretty paper can take an average gift from forgettable to a favorite. It is also a perfect way to set your gifts apart from the rest.

A high-quality wrapping paper shows that you have put thought and care into every aspect of your gift, from the actual present to its exterior packaging.

To add luxury to any item, choose a heavy-weighted, textured wrapping paper. Layer varying widths of ribbon on top of each other for layers of pretty presentation. Finish off your packages with colored tags embellished with handwritten calligraphy. Add an unexpected detail to a monochromatic Christmas tree by hanging your tree topper from the ceiling.

First, choose a shape that plays off your Christmas ornaments, as this round paper lantern mirrors the round ornaments on the tree.

The holiday experts at share glittering Christmas decorating ideas you can recreate indoors in your own home this season. Enter HGTV Urban Oasis ; Halloween Party Ideas Christmas decorating ideas are our gift to you this season! Our 75+ Favorite Handmade Holiday Decorating Ideas 77 Photos. 12 Ways to Add Handmade Holiday. Get every inch of your home into the holiday spirit with these creative Christmas decorating ideas. Diy Christmas decoration HO HO HO Christmas decor Dollar Store Christmas decoration Scrap wood home decor Upcycled Christmas decoration Cheap Find this Pin and more on Christmas Decorating Ideas by Denise Morrison.