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May 26,  · Edit Article How to Make Your Nail Polish Matte. Three Methods: Using Cornstarch to Create a Matte Finish Using A Matte Finish Polish Using Steam to Create A Matte Finish Community Q&A Most nail polishes will give your nails a glossy finish. It is very fashionable these days to have a matte or non-shiny nail color%(6).

Do not use a full bottle, or the powders you will be using will cause it to overflow. Product - BMC 0. Tell us more about it? Not all matte topcoats will protect your manicure against chipping. Nail Color Base Coat, 0.

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Try and see if you can find a matte one to match your polish. Gather your supplies Sometimes it is difficult to find nail polish in the right color. Fortunately, it is possible to use matte eyeshadow to turn some clear nail polish into matte nail polish.

If you just want a matte topcoat, then you can use cornstarch instead. Clear nail polish Matte eyeshadow Cornstarch optional Toothpick Small cup or dish. You can use whatever color you want, but it has to be matte. You can also use some cosmetic pigment powder instead. This will already come in powder form, so you won't have to crush the eyeshadow into a powder later one.

Use a toothpick to scrape off some matte eyeshadow into a small container. You can use a paper or plastic cup, a small dish, or even a cupcake or muffin liner.

Your nails will be whatever color of eyeshadow you used. Plan on using a little more eyeshadow than nail polish. Make sure that the eyeshadow is ground into a fine powder. If there are any clumps, break them us using the end of a brush or pencil. Keep crushing the eyeshadow until it is fine and powdery. If you have any clumps in your eyeshadow, your manicure will look grainy. Consider making your polish extra matte by adding some cornstarch.

Add in a few drops of clear nail polish and stir with a toothpick until there are no lumps. Keep stirring until you get an even color and consistency. If the color too sheer, add some more eyeshadow. Make sure that there are no clumps in the polish. If there are any clumps, break them up with the toothpick. If you don't do this, they will show up on your manicure and make it look lumpy. Use the nail polish quickly. The polish will dry fast.

Simply apply a basecoat, then paint your nails as you normally would. If there is extra matte polish afterward, you can pour it into an empty nail polish bottle or another small, glass bottle. Let the nail polish dry. You won't see the true effect of the eyeshadow until the polish dries. Also, avoid using a topcoat; most topcoats are glossy and will reverse the matte effect.

If you can find a matte topcoat, then that is fine. Once you apply the nail polish, you will need to work quickly. This method only works on wet nail polish. If you let the nail polish dry, it will be too late. Here's a list of that you will need: Nail Polish and basecoat Water Pot or saucepan. Begin by boiling some water. Fill a cooking pot or saucepan with water and place it on the stove.

Turn the stove on and let the water heat up. You will be using the steam to make the nail polish matte. Make sure your nails are clean and oil-free. Nail polish won't stick very well to nails that even have the slightest hint of oil on them. Wipe your nails down with some nail polish remover to remove any residue from lotions and creams. Start applying your basecoat. The basecoat will protect your nails and keep them from getting stained, especially if you plan on using a darker color of nail polish.

The basecoat will also give the nail polish something to hold onto. Apply the nail polish. It is better to apply one thin coat, let it dry, and then apply a second thin coat.

If you apply one thick coat, you will risk the nail polish forming tiny bubbles or chipping later on. Hold your wet nails over the steaming water for three to five seconds.

Be careful not to get the nails themselves wet, however. The nail polish must be wet, or this will not work. Be sure to move your hands about and wiggle your fingers from time to time. This will allow the steam to cover every bit of your nails. Step away from the pot. After a few seconds, the nail polish should be matte. You can step away from the pot and let the nail polish dry on its own the rest of the way. If you cannot find a matte nail polish in a color you like, you can always use a matte topcoat on top of a regular nail polish that you do like.

Here's what you'll need: Basecoat Nail polish Matte topcoat. Wipe your nails down with nail polish remover if you aren't wearing any nail polish. Nail polish won't stick to even the slightest bit of oil.

Soak a cotton ball with some nail polish remover, and wipe down your nails with it. This will protect your nails and keep them from getting stained, especially if you are going to use a darker nail polish color.

Apply two thin coats of nail polish. Be sure to let each coat dry before applying the next one. You can use any nail polish color you want, but a solid color may look better than metallic, pearlescent, iridescent, or glittery one.

Make sure that you are happy with the finish of your manicure. Matte topcoats tend to bring out all imperfections, including streaks and unevenness.

Make sure that your manicure is just the way you like it; the matte topcoat won't conceal imperfections like a glossy one might. Choose a high-quality matte topcoat. The bottle must say "matte" on it, or else this will not work. Keep in mind that some matte topcoats may lighten or alter the color of your manicure. Apply the topcoat to your nails and let it dry. Some topcoats can a very long time to dry.

Even if the nail polish looks dry to the touch, it may still be wet underneath. Try to be careful with your nails for the next hour or two. Not all matte topcoats will protect your manicure against chipping. It was streaky and not all that matte.

Now, years later, their new formula has really stepped it up. Their most recent matte topper creates a very smooth, streak-free matte finish. Plus, it dries quickly, which I always appreciate. Mattel-ly in Love is seven free as well as cruelty-free. The formula is slightly thicker for better control without becoming too thick.

It delivers a brushed velvet finish without having to struggle against brushstrokes. This was one of the favorites for a long time because of its ability to create a slate, chalked-out look. The formula is a little thicker but goes on nicely.

It dries quickly and keeps your lacquer true to the color it normally is instead of a slightly lighter color which tends to happen with most mattes. The only issue here is you run the risk of really falling in love with this top coat and possibly not being able to find it in the future.

Just be aware that Matte Magic comes in a slightly smaller bottle than your average nail polish. Not as matte as some of the others, the Matte Maker has more of a frosted glass look to it so it keeps some shine while still being mostly matte. The formula is a perfect medium of thick and thin and so easy to work with.

Five free and made in America, this lacquer is a good choice for those looking for a low toxin nail polish. For a soft, suede matte try out this top coat by LeChat. Updated Jul 3, at 5: Published Mar 29, at Digging that matte nail polish look but don't want to have to buy loads more polish?

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Discover a matte nail polish top coat that Instantly transforms any nail color from high-gloss to matte. Get the perfect smooth, matte nail finish with essie. of results for "mat top coat nail polish" CLAVUZ Matte Top Coat Gel Nail Polish Matte Finish No Wipe Non-Cleansing Long Lasting Soak Off UV LED Nail Art DIY at Home 8ml. by CLAVUZ. $ $ 5 99 ( days) FREE Shipping. out of 5 stars essie matte about you top coat, mattify, fl. . Obviously opaque isn't shiny and isn't glitzy, but that doesn't mean matte can't make an impact. Sally Hansen's topcoat creates matte nail polish with purpose. For a quick-dry formula, it's incredibly intense, giving out-there hues a subtler attitude.